A Starting Guide To Self-Research News/Op-ed/Journalism Sources

Sharif Sourour
4 min readJul 11, 2020

Since it is not uncommon to end up in a debate over trending, controversial or newsworthy issues, particularly in politics, some have the insight to actually ask me what my sources are since I tend to neither parrot one side nor am wishy-washy about my points. I often point out that most are parroting a mainstream or biased narrative rather than a more well-rounded and in-depth approach. So the following are my recommendations along with their channel examples for your convenience ranging from more left to more right.

Jimmy Dore

Some people think TYT for instance is indie and not mainstream, but that and things like Fusion, etc… are all still pretty much in cahoots with the mainstream. That being said Jimmy Dore, a comedian who used to be on TYT at one point has his own stuff and is independent, and for those wanting an honest yet markedly leftist view, he is very good.


Tim Pool

More centre from there a touch left of centre, is Tim Pool who is a very objective dry news style opinion editor and journalist with his own channel, podcast and who founded an independent news network called Subverse recently. He’s the #1 independent news reporter online and always good for straight news or an honest opinion based on objective facts:


Tarl Warwick

One of my favourites, is a US-style pragmatic libertarian and very interesting character, Tarl Warwick, better known as StyxHexenHammer666 is the number one most accurate political predictor with his track record online. He is an occultist, editor, writer and artist. Although he is clearly open to tolerance of all sorts, he is also 100% irreverent and happy to be politically incorrect, yet does so with intelligence and wit. His political analysis is top notch and his online success at nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube is astonishing considering his niche and totally unconventional style:


HA Goodman



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