The official Kiwami 2 desktop background in 1080p from Microsoft’s website.

Now that I have had my hands on with Yakuza Kiwami 2 on PC for over 10 hours of gameplay, my impression of its differences between Yakuza 0 (aka Ryu-ga Gotoku 0), a game in which I have spent nearly 100 hours of gameplay, have become pretty clear. For a big fan of the series, this is a relevant comparison since the next game after 0, Yakuza 6, was the first in the new Dragon Engine so could never be as solid as later workings on the new engine.

Since the first Kiwami was not on the new engine, the…

Star of “Breakin’” & “Breakin’” 2 Passed Away In His Home On Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

Mostly recognized for his starring role going by the alias, “Shabba-doo,” alongside Michael “Boogaloo Shrimp” Chambers, as the protagonist in the 80s Hip Hop style defining films, Breakin’ (aka Break Street ’84 outside NA) and Breakin’ 2, Adolfo Quiñones was among the most accomplished soul performers; at times incorporating dynamic or even acrobatic moves. Debuting his TV career as an afro-puffed Soul Train dance star, he was notable for being tall and employing an energetic form of locking, a kind of street dance that exploded in popularity during the 70s.

Reported by his family member, on December 30th, 2020, Quiñones…

After leaked proof and multiple allegations from multiple victims, the dance legend has shocked the community.

On the tail of Breaking, aka bboying, entering the Olympics officially, starting with Paris 2024, a scandal has erupted out of seminal dancer ‘Crazy Legs’ famed for his role in one of the oldest and best dance teams, the Rock Steady Crew of New York City. Gaining prominence in the 80s both in the New York breaking scene as well as in major films, such as his performances being featured in Flashdance, Wild Style, Beat Street and Style Wars.

With breaking expanding further into the mainstream as a competitive art or dance sport, Red Bull BC One, since 2004 has…

Since it is not uncommon to end up in a debate over trending, controversial or newsworthy issues, particularly in politics, some have the insight to actually ask me what my sources are since I tend to neither parrot one side nor am wishy-washy about my points. I often point out that most are parroting a mainstream or biased narrative rather than a more well-rounded and in-depth approach. So the following are my recommendations along with their channel examples for your convenience ranging from more left to more right.

Jimmy Dore

Some people think TYT for instance is indie and not mainstream, but…

Though it may be surprising (to some) it does not directly reference Trump, this is simply one of those cases!

Unfortunately many are confused from all angles but since some of us have known about it early on there are ways to clear the confusion.

Nowadays with the internet better established as a mainstream medium for accessing information and learning the news, the lack of habits and norms in most societies adapting to it, has led to many confused as to what is real and what is false. Though “fake news” existed before it became an internet meme, now the threat of — misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and editorials framed as straight news —exists more than ever before.

The solution refers back to the problem; more need to get better at genuine investigative research.

Long gone are the days when you could rely on leaders in…

Faced with a COVID-19 pandemic, common sense daily practices and staying healthy can prevent you from being affected

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Being inundated with all kinds of news on the Coronavirus pandemic can be worrying whether you are out working in the field, or dealing with friends and family members.

In order to be able to keep up with the needs in your work and life you want to prevent as much stress over this spreading pandemic as possible.

Besides washing your hands frequently with soap and water, avoiding contact with others and keeping your environments hygienic and clean, the only other major concern is the reality that most of those who have reported to have died from this COVID-19 already…


Planning on submitting your App to Apple?

Perhaps you are in the beginning stages of development and are considering them, or you have already completed your App and are ready to send.

Unlike other tech companies when sending them products for you like Amazon, Google or Valve, the conditions you have to meet with Apple are not only stringent but at times, logic-defying.

One can argue the reason Apple appears to create standards that make it unnecessarily difficult and complicated for developers, compared to most other equivalent companies’ services is due to the high saturation of Apple’s Apps due to its massive brand; so filtering developers out…

- Personal Assessment

By keeping the winners going and cutting the losers you can accumulate enough income to invest in bigger and better versions of the below assuming it will continue to grow your income without compromising any constituents’ experiences, but instead optimizing and expanding when best to do so.


  • Using 3rd or second-party platforms for admin (go in-house)
  • Using low cost staff, (do it yourself or get higher quality and pay more instead)
  • Dispersing your assets (keep all like assets together instead)
  • Low volume care and detail in service, flipping, prospecting, content/marketing or production (always remember required scale is probably 10–100X or…

If you need some motivation, encouragement or inspiration from the top sales, marketing and business people including but not limited to; Tai Lopez, Guy Kawasaki, Jordan Belfort, Steven Forbes, Malcolm Gladwell and more with exclusive content only from Production Hackers, you can get it by signing into the newsletter form: …it’s all free; no strings attached!

Whether you are expected to make a proposal, prospect new leads, close major deals, market or sell products, I will also be releasing an offer for a brand new product featuring even more incredible speakers; Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson, Daymond John, Tim Grover…

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Especially for unsuspecting men.

For many years I have learned the social media game and built my network and status with a reach only the top 1% of individuals seem to have. When I first started to get serious, after realized I had some talent or skill at it and doubled down, I mainly focused on increasing my network sizer and reach. Though I did learn to target my audience expansion better and better, I would just leave it at that. …

Sharif Sourour

Passionate Posts + Premier Products: Connect: Book/Music/Video/App Maker.

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