15 Long Term Natural Beauty, Wellness & Longevity Tips

Sharif Sourour
22 min readJul 1, 2023
Most of time‘s aging effects are preventable, even reversible with these natural and consistent practices.

As a 37-year-old, it is fun meeting new people often a decade or more younger than me believing I am around their age or younger. Although many may attribute this to luck or genetics, since my other family members have not all necessarily been able to maintain the same level of youth and fitness, sometimes by a long shot, it is clearly more than just chance. Always happy to share what works for me, it may give you a springboard to figure out all the things that work for you, or maybe we are not all so different, it just depends on our daily habits and lifestyle, the type of person we are able to become. So here are 15 tips to keep you young and healthy for the long term:

1 Sleep as much & as often as possible

The most underrated way to stay young and healthy is to simply sleep as much as possible. There are trending quotes like “Sleep is for the weak” and “grind culture” which promotes staying up as much as possible to squeeze out more work hours, but there is a lot to be said about spending quality time over quantity when approaching productivity. Squeezing more results out of the time rather than more time spent and less productivity per minute.

With more sleep, not only do you get to most likely keep your hair, youth and vitality, you can even be sharper, with more energy to get more done within less time. A theme here is doing better than average, using that as your minimum. Therefore 8 hours is not a full sleep; that is the minimum. Cannot do that with your busy schedule? Work in 20–30 minute power naps throughout the day or other unorthodox, simple-yet-effective methods or routines to make it happen.

2 Stay hydrated as much as possible

This is the most under-utilized tip for sure. We all know the adage of “8 cups of water a day” to be the average consumption for health. Have you ever thought about how average only means a basic standard? That means 8 cups a day should be absolutely bare minimum for a lot of people, especially for taller people and those who take on on any dehydrating tasks or consume dehydrating substances, food and drink.

If you are to live a healthy lifestyle, you will at least include some form of regular exercise or physical…



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